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Areas of expertise

The Support You Need

There are many reasons why a business like yours may be looking to work with an HR Consultant. Maybe you are looking for a budget-friendly solution to your people’s needs.  Working with me can reduce the expense of employing someone in-house and the cost of investing in HR-related technology and tools.

I also bring expertise to the table, helping you to minimise your regulatory and compliance risks. I provide objective feedback on your current HR capabilities and offer efficient and practical solutions to any people issues that you may have. 

If you are expanding, I can also advise on the changes your business needs to make to grow further. 

Induction & Onboarding

Getting your new starts off on the right path

Performance Management

Whether it’s a poor performer or a rising star, we can help

Culture and Employee Engagement

Working with your managers to get the best out of your team

HR Audit/ Set Up

Ensuring your HR Processes are in line with legislation, and right for your business


Policies and Procedures

Ensuring you are up to date, and project the culture that you need

Employee Relations

Disciplinary and grievance support when you need it

Organisational Change

Managing redundancy, TUPE, or restructuring can be difficult.  We can guide you through the process to get to where you need to be. 


The key areas I focus on are: 


Getting your HR policies and processes right helps your business to grow more smoothly, and keeps you on the right side of the law.  I provide up-to-date and effective advice on what your business needs to be doing as employment law changes. 

Business Culture

HR isn’t just about processes, but about growing your business. How you work with your employees is as important as the policies that you put in place, and getting things like recruitment, onboarding and engagement right is an essential part of that journey. 

Employment Matters

Every business has its challenges – whether that’s disciplinary matters, mergers or reductions, knowing how to do it legally and effectively requires experience and knowledge to get right. 



Every Company is different, so I’ll work with you to agree on an affordable pricing structure for your particular project, depending on the level of support that you need. 

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